Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Adventures with me lately

I have spent the last week in Naples to get my head in the right place for surgery.  I went to this gorgeous little hotel, stayed in the best suite (bigger than my apt with ocean views).  All by myself.  I had a friend in the area and joined her the last day. There is something amazing about going away by yourself.  I loved it and would do it again. 

Tomorrow is the big day. I am scared. I am also eager to get this over with as soon as possible and get on with the recovery process. 

This is my new happy running song. I never really liked it until recently.  

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Weekend Adventures

The bf and I bagged VT this weekend. Stayed home and did a lot of lazy things.

Ate: I found this chicken enchilada recipe on Real Simple, which is super easy to make and so very good. I don't really like cilantro so we skipped that. I don't really like "canned" anything, but did we find a "carton" of organic sauce that was awesome. You will have to look around for it since the name escapes me. We bought an organic black bean and rice mix from Whole Foods, cooked that separately and mixed that in for the second baking. I highly suggest this for a quick Mexican fix, if you need one.

Watched: I have now seen almost all the Oscar movies. Blue Jasmine, I loved. Wolf of Wall Street, I really liked. Gravity, couldn't watch much more after George was out.  Next weekend, I will try and get to 12 Years a Slave and Dallas Buyers Club. Oh, and I did sneak in a little of How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days, because, who doesn't love that movie. I also started watching the Lindsay Lohan docuseries on OWN. So riveting.

Read: Started "Me Before You' - so far so good.

Sunday Afternoon  Date Night: Oysters, Fish and Chips, Lobster and Wine.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Adventures with Finding Things You May Like Too...

While perusing some instagram pics, I came across a pic (sorry, I can't remember the blogger) who mentioned Everlane's totes.  This girl right here loves a good tote. I live out my LV Neverfull that is maybe 6 years old. That thing goes everywhere and I cram as much stuff as I can in it. It is so beat up, but I can't buy another one. 

Anyway, I went on their website and you should too (HERE). Basic tees and sweatshirts around 15-40 dollars and the chicest totes. Seriously, love love love. I am contemplating buying this tote first.

Also, because I love to do a little research, I found all these celebs carrying it... 

By the way, I totes have more totes ideas. Will share later this week. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Adventures on Taking the Good with the Bad

The last week or so has been pretty bad for me. Two Friday's ago I got a call from my doctor saying I have a tumor on my left kidney, which is cancer. After months of struggling with not feeling very well this was a shock since I really thought it was just maybe a stone or worst case scenario onset of some weird kidney disease. After multiple doctor appointments it doesn't seem so bad after all. I have to remove the kidney, which is fine. I found a doctor that thinks he can remove half which would be great, but it may be a bit of a long shot and we will just remove the whole thing. I am totally ok with that since once removed the chance of any cancer coming back is less than 5%. Also, no chemo, which I was very relieved to hear. So, if you are going to have any kind of cancer at all, this is a good one to get.

This past weekend was pretty good (w/ my better attitude). On Friday, we rented American Hustle. I loved it... I mean, I never was a huge Amy Adams fan, but she killed it. And her clothes...awesome. On Saturday, I went to dinner with the bf, his brother and sis-in-law and it was so nice to see them to laugh and chat. On Sunday, one of my gf's had a baby shower in Marblehead. I seriously love my friends idea of what 'showers' should be. Champagne, snacks, candy and girl time with the side of opening up some presents. These aren't the long showers of playing stupid games and opening 200 presents. This is a group of ten ladies with drinks in hand, chatting, ohh'ing and ahh'ing with an occasional  "OMFG, that is so cute" thrown in here and there. I loved it.

Hope your weekend was great!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Thoughtful Adventures

Ugh - I watched this shit show. I took a hiatus for years, because it was just too much to deal with. Anyway, I got sucked into this one. He is beyond gross and what is with her always looking at him like this? She was creeping me out on the after show. It is almost like someone said to her "pretend you are into him" and this is how she does it.  Seriously, yuck.

In other news, I am so psyched those crazy old drunk bats from NYC are back on. Yay.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Movie Adventures

I remember being little and watching Annie over and over from a well worn VCR tape. Loved that movie.  Rags to riches story? Yes, please.  I am pretty thrilled that they remade it and am totally going to watch it when it comes out. I wonder if I can get the old one on Netflix?

Speaking of Rags to Riches (and I am not sure why this just came into my mind)... Does anyone remember this show? Loved it too. Totally 80's. I sometimes catch myself singing this and thinking of this show. Funny how something from your childhood totally sticks with you forever (as cheesy as it it is).

Monday, March 3, 2014

Adventures by Me (Weekend Randomness)

This weekend was fairly quiet for me. I went to Pure Barre, got a pedi, spent some qt with Ruby, cleaned my apt and went to visit my long time bestie for a sleepover with her and her kiddos.

I also watched a little bit of the Oscar's. Actually, only the first 30 mins before True Detective came so, so I got to watch my soul sister Jared win. I did spend a lot of time watching the E! red carpet. Why are these pre-shows like 5 hours long now? It is kind of ridiculous and the people start to get super annoying after awhile. 

Did you have any favorite looks? Hands down Charlize for me. My runner up would be Naomi.  What did you think? Also, if you watched True Detective how stressed out are you that there is only one episode left?

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Shopping Adventures

Last night I got my hair highlighted and on my way home I stopped in Anthropologie to look for a new bath mat.   I walked out with this dress below (also a candle, earrings and a rose bud salve). Retail therapy? Most likely. I am wearing the dress now and I am not sure I love it. It is definitely loose and comfortable. I should have maybe gone down a size, but it would probably be more of a shirt than a dress.

I almost picked up these two skirts as well.  The pink one I am kind of glad I didn't. It is super cute/preppy, but I would never wear it.  The second one I still love. I am going to try and watch it to see if it goes on sale.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Adventures with being a freak

BF left for Colorado this morning for a guys ski trip.  He needed to be at the airport about the time I leave for work. I stayed at his house last night so we could hang out and do the dinner thing before he left. Typically, when I travel and have to catch an early flight I get no sleep. I am a clock watcher. Up every 30 mins or so to make sure I am not late.  Around 4:20 am this morning, I jumped up out of bed (half dreaming) and yelled to the sound asleep bf "OH MY GOD. DID YOU SET THE ALARM?" BF then jumped up, looked at the clock and said "Yes, for 6am."  We kind of both fell back to sleep - not really. This morning when the real alarm went off, we couldn't stop laughing at me being a nutso. BF said he was so sound asleep and that I scared the shit out of him. 

Welcome to my world. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Adventures with Shopping at JCrew (40% off)

Promo Code BIG40

I just took a quick peak because I find this time of year to be a good time to stock up on new sweaters. You can still get a wear or two out of them this winter and then when you put them away for the season they will feel still feel brand new for next year.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Adventures on How to Dress for Work

When I am having a particularly trying week at work, I try and dress up.  I feel like you can fake a better professional attitude with more professional attire.  One of my favorite combo's are a blazer and special shoes.  I wore this combination last week.

Limited Blazer (very old)

Calvin Klein


Now, I feel like I am on the blazer & shoe hunt. Some of my favs below.

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Adventures of Talking to Me (Hair)

Me:  I hope you are going to have fun on the ski trip. How long will you be gone?
BF:  Only a few days.
Me: I was thinking of getting hair extensions while you were away.
BF: [dirty look] - You do not need hair extensions. No. You are not doing that.
Me: You wouldn't have even noticed. You would have just thought my hair had grown.
BF: I would have noticed your hair down to your ass.
Me: You don't notice when I cut it.
BF: No. You are not getting hair extensions.

I should preface this that the BF doesn't like anything that is fake or considered high maintenance. I think it makes him super nervous.  He would prefer no make-up, pony tail and jeans/tee. He gets all antsy if I pull out a make up bag or a flat iron, but he is not a control freak about it (so it is more cute to me).

I am back in the growing out period and since I know I wont hang in there long enough to grow my hair out before chopping it back to my LOB, I was thinking these would be fun to get.  I am thinking more Lauren Conrad vs Yolanda Foster.

I think this is what the BF would be afraid of.... 

This is more what I am thinking of (both pics above)

I will take hair and body. Ok, just body

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Adventures with Window Shopping

A little in love with this pink jumper from Ted Baker. This would be perfect for a Miami trip this spring... 

It also comes in black if you aren't into the bright pink.