Friday, January 17, 2014

Weekly Adventures

Day 17 and I have had no soda, candy, refined sugar (that I am aware of) or artificial sweetener. It is very true when you stop eating sugar you stop craving it. I have been eating a lot of fruits (currently, loving mandarin oranges).  This isn't a resolution, but a change of life and wanting to eat more organically...

I have been reading The Body Book by Cameron Diaz. It is really good and way more informative than I thought it would be. Breaks a lot of nutritional information down that you should know, but probably don't. It is kind of like your 7th grade biology book vamped up a little.  I highly suggest it (btw, changing in eating/drinking habits aren't because I am reading the book, but totally helps to keep me on the path).

Went out for two yummy dinners and spent some quality time with my friend and the bf.

There is this little mexican  restaurant by apartment tucked back in alley called Casa Romero. It sounds a bit sketchy and you may not be able to find it easily, but is so very awesome.  By far the best skinny margarita I have had, ever.  Food and company were great too.  Last night, the bf and I went to a quick/dinner date night at Paolo's.  We are desperately needing a go to place and this is becoming it, I think. Very simple, but good food. Always can get in and it never is disappointing.

We are heading to Vermont soon for the long weekend. I hope it snows. We have friends coming up on Saturday until Monday. Looking forward to the wine, food, skiing/boarding, more wine, football (GO PATS), reading and napping.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


MCW said...

So jealous you all go to VT.
I cannot find a good Mexican restaurant in Bmore! I have been craving Mexican!!!a!

HMC said...

Casa Romero! That used to be right around the corner from my apartment, too--I lived on Marlborough until 2007. :)

Jane Droll said...

no sugar! that is a major achievement! it is hard to cut out the sweets. but one eventually gets used to it.

i have been pretty good this week. it is always a struggle for me because i am weak and lazy and i love tasty food! but it is true that you can make healthy food TASTE GREAT without bastardizing/sabotaging it. i'm trying to do that more and more. yesterday i ate more vegetables than you can shake a stick at! and i have been all over the grapefruit. half of one in the morning really really tastes great. at least it does to me!