Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend Adventures (Golden Globes)

This weekend was way too short.  It was pretty quiet, but I like it that way.  On Saturday, it was almost 60 degrees out so the bf, pup and I took a long (rainy) walk from Charlestown, through the North End and back. After, we went over to our friends house after for some, pizza, wine/cosmos and football. Perfect Saturday for me.

Of course, on Sunday, I was married to the TV watching the Golden Globes. Amy and Tina killed it. Even the bf was watching and laughing.

My  takeaways are:

1) Julia Roberts does not age. She was going with the dark red hair and I loved it. I didn't love her choice of dress, but she looks awesome.

2) Puff Daddy was totally hammered (I think) and got snubbed by Bono. I am not sure if anyone else saw it, but when Bono went up to claim his award, Puff tried to man hug/kiss him and Bono kind of shoved him away.

3) Amy + Bono making out. Awesome.

4) Best Dressed: Margot Robbie. This Gucci dress was amazing.  If you watched the pre-show on E! Margot was getting interviewed and Ryan Secreast said something like nice to meet you and Margot called him out, saying we met at a hotel gym in Argentina. Ryan was totally thrown. Why do I have a feeling that Ryan hit on her or something....?

5) Hottest: Olivia Wilde. Hands down. I mean, seriously, look at her. That hair is crazy... I want it.

If you watched... what was your favorite thing?


MCW said...

I only saw bits and pieces...but I did think PDiddy was wasted!!!

Jane Droll said...

i only saw a tiny bit. i loved the matt damon parts. jacqueline bisset was CRAZY. almost as crazy as faye dunaway several years ago at the oscars!

Jacqueline Hough said...

I had two favorite moments. I loved seeing Lupita Nyong'o on the red carpet. I loved that dress. She was perfection. And seeing Emma Thompson drunk holding her shoes and martini glass. I don't know if it was real but I loved it. I love watching the Golden Globes. It is booze + celebrities= a fun time!