Thursday, January 23, 2014

Adventures with the vacation prep

Heading to the DR in less that 2 weeks. I have been on a bit of a mad hunt for some cute outfits to have something new to wear while we are away. Luckily, I bought a few new suits in September for the last Miami trip, so I don't have to worry about it (not that I want to put a bathing suit on right now).  I like to carry everything on, so I need to be smart about what I pack. I really know that as much as I cram into my large Vera duffle, I am still not going to wear everything I bring.  So, I just want to really buy a few new staples and one cute dress for the bf's birthday dinner.

I tend to buy a lot of vacation basics at H&M. You can always get a few tanks or random cover ups/dresses at cheap prices. If they don't make the trip home, oh well!

Apparently, when you go to the DR you need to golf, so this girl, right here, is going to try it. I was thinking I need this "lovely" practical Lacoste shirt for golfing (and maybe this so very cute tennis dress... this will make play more right?).

Dresses that I may be buying tomorrow....

Calypso - seen here. 
I typically dislike the hi-lo thingy, but this seems pretty easy to wear and not that drastic of a hemline change.

H&M - Buying this color and a black one for dinner..

Is there anything that you have as vacation staple that you can get a few wears out of without being super obvious?


MCW said...

I want that2nd dress, well and the first! I am a maxi dress girl. One of my favorites are by Gypsy.

Jane Droll said...

cute stuff!

going on vacation always seems to make me panic to get new things. it is fun. it is necessary! comfortable, flattering, easy and affordable stuff is the best.

i always try to find shoes that don't kill your feet while walking. easier said than done!