Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Adventures of Being Stuck in My Head...

Maybe cause they play it at Pure Barre (this is where I get all my new young cool music), but I have had this song stuck in my head for days and now I am purchasing it for my running playlist.

Last night I took a new class at Equinox called 'Bikini Boot Camp' and it wasn't as easy as the word Bikini makes it sound.  So very sore today.  I hate taking new classes and being the new person, but it went ok and I would most definitely take it again. We divided up into 4 different stations. One was dedicated to arms, then abs/core, legs and cardio. Did sequences 3 or 4 times and did these cardio bursts to break it up. Who knew jogging in place, jumping jacks and burpees would almost kill you... Five mins into it, I had the oh shit moment, but I stuck with it. I felt like I got an awesome cardio (bright red face & head was soaked) and weight workout.  It went by super fast and I was exhausted after. This may be a welcome addition to barre and running. I am definitely making it my mission to join and participate in these sorts of classes more.


MCW said...

I love love love classes. Excited to try a new barre class here in Bmore...Pop Physique. Hoping its like my beloved Physique 57.

Jane Droll said...

bikini boot camp?! my NIGHTMARE! loloololol

i bought myself a recumbent bike for the new year. IT IS HARD TO DO. i find it frustrating. i am so lazy. i like when things are easy. but i plan to stick with it and hope for some good resultS!