Thursday, January 2, 2014

Adventures during the holidays.

I am pretty psyched Christmas is over.  The bf and I have been non stop running around since last Monday and I am now in the winter spirit (it is currently snowing so hard that work is cancelled for tomorrow).  This past week/2 weeks consisted of lots of traveling, having family time, drinking, cooking, eating, dancing, hiking, watching movies and skiing. I loved it. I was a bit overwhelmed going into it since we were away for so long and it entailed a lot of moving parts, but it all went so well.  Now, looking back, I am so happy that everything was packed with family/friends. Feeling very fortunate. 

Onto winter things... 

Like a trip to the Dominican in a few weeks.  This means I am no nonsense for the next few weeks. No wine (ok, or very little), no candy, eating normal foods, working out (I have really missed Pure Barre) and taking care of myself. 

Hopefully, more skiing. I took two lessons last week and am starting to get more comfortable.  I think I am liking it more than boarding, but not 100% sure yet. 

Really wanting to go ice skating soon. 

Pulling out the crockpot for winter recipes. Love putting a mish-mash together and leaving it to cook all day. 

What winter things do you like to do?


MCW said...

I am jealous of your blizzard. We are only supposed to get 1-3 inches. Booo! Your winter activities sound perfect. I may need to do all of them!

Jane Droll said...

you have awesome winter plans!!!

i am glad the holidays are over. so stressful! so expensive! so many FREAKING CALORIES TO BURN OFF! lol. but much of it was fun, and that is good.

hope this year brings you everything you want!

HMC said...

So jealous of your Dominican trip--every year around this time, I tell myself I need to plan a tropical vacation to get away from the crappy MA winter, and every year I don't do it.

heartbeating said...

!!! :)